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Hi can I have a personal imagine plz


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Keep Calm

A/N: This is a part of a fan fiction I wrote a while ago, but I changed it slightly so it could be an imagine. Also, this is pretty much my first dirty imagine I wrote ever, but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Today was one of the boring days, you know watching movies and all. We were just picking the next movie to watch.

“How about The Last Exorcism?” Louis suggested and I shivered at the thought. I hated this movie. I really did. Before I even had a chance to stop them the movie was already on and I found myself hiding in Harry’s shoulder while Niall was holding my hand - in a brother sister way, if you know what I mean. We weren’t even half way through the movie when Harry got up.

“I’m gonna go to bed now” he stated flatly and the boys nodded.

“But it’s only 9! Stay please” I said to him, wanting him to stay.

“But I’m tired” he argued.

“Okay then” I said while he walked off. I had a strange feeling though so I soon followed him to our shared bedroom. I saw him sitting on the bed. Mad. Why?

“Harry, what’s going on?” I asked him in a quiet voice, bending down so I was his eye level. His eyes were red. Well this is bad, I’ve seen Harry mad before, but not mad enough to have his eyes red and fangs out.

“I don’t know, why don’t you go back to Niall and hold hands with him?” Harry snapped at me. What the actual fuck. Harry thought I was cheating on him. With Niall.

“Harry, it’s no-” I started but was soon interrupted by a shout.

“Shut up!” he nearly screamed. I felt my own fangs poking out now.

“Care to explain WHY MAYBE?” I shouted the last part.

“I don’t know, maybe ever since your kiss with Niall I don’t like you two holding hands, laughing and flirting” Harry said.

“We weren’t flirting!” I said in a defensive tone, my voice high.

“Well you definitely kissed!” he screamed back.

“Niall forced it!” I argued. Didn’t he get it?! He could be so annoying sometimes.

“Whatever” he spat. That was it. I lost my temper. I jumped onto Harry hitting him hard, but he was quick to push me off. He held me against a wall.

“Whoa there, calm down” he said calming down now.

“What if I don’t want to calm down what if-” I got cut off by Harry kissing me hard. It seemed to calm me down almost immediately. I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck, tugging lightly at the hair he had there, making him release kind of a moan that was quietened by our kissing. We slowly stumbled onto the bed, Harry straddling me and heavily making out with me. After some time we both pulled out for breath.

“Harry, I just want you to know there’s nothing between me and Ni-” I started but was cut off once again.

“Shh, we don’t wanna ruin the moment do we?” Harry said lightly pecking my lips so I wasn’t talking.

“No we don’t” I replied with a smile staring into his green eyes. He connected our lips once more, but the kiss was more urgent, more passionate. I slid my hands under Harry’s shirt to touch his abs as he started leaving hot, open mouthed kisses down my neck, kissing all the right spots making me release a few soft moans. He slowly travelled down to my breasts, taking my, well, his shirt off and my bra, while I quickly took off his shirt, tracing his tattoos.

Harry quickly got back to kissing me, taking one of my nipples into his mouth while massaging my other one making my moans a bit louder. I slowly trailed my hands down his body unzipping his pants and taking them off. His boxers were next to come off and I could hear him groaning slightly from the small release. He too off my panties too and kissed me again and you could feel the shift in the atmosphere - it went from heated and quick to passionate and loving.

He used one of his hands to lift up one of my things, pressing me even harder onto the bed -  not that I minded. I held his shoulders in my hands to support myself a bit as he slowly slid himself into me. My moans and his groans started to fill the room as he pounded into me at a slow, but steady rhythm. The air seemed to become very hot, making both of us pant. His fingers slightly dug into my hips as he started kissing my neck again, making me shiver from pleasure.

“Fuck” I whimpered, my nails slowly digging into Harry’s back making him moan even louder. He pulled away, looking at my face while speeding up his thrusts, hitting all the right spots inside me. His thrusts were becoming deeper and deeper, driving me crazy and pushing me close to the edge.

“Harry” I moaned. “I know baby, let go” he said, thrusting as hard as he could now, pushing me over the edge as my walls clenched around him causing his own release. He pulled out and collapsed next to me.

“Whoa, this was amazing” he whispered, kissing my nose slowly.

“It really was” I whispered back, only to be interrupted by shouts from downstairs.

“I AM SCARRED FOR LIFE” Louis shouted jokingly.

“Yeah, Harry was ‘just going to sleep’” Liam added. I heard laughter.

“Don’t listen to them” Harry said, cuddling me in his chest.

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Harry at the airport
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Car Crash


I made my way over to my boyfriend Harry’s house, well the house he shares with his 4 best mates. The boys; Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry had moved there last year and we all instantly became friends. Except Harry and I, there was always something more than friend’s lurking underneath the surface. When my last boyfriend Austin cheated on me at a party we went too, Harry had stayed with me all night comforting me. He hung out with me all the time; we went to the movies, park, swimming and parties together. He even punched Austin in a drunken state at a party and told him he was a douche for hurting me. After that night my thoughts on Harry changed, I got over Austin and I fell for Harry. A few weeks later on a cool September night after school had started again, Harry confessed that he’d been in love with me since the day we met and we made it official. We’ve been together for 7 months and I’ve never been so in love and happy.

As I approached the front door I just walked in, I stopped knocking a long time ago. I walked into the kitchen and set my bag down, just then Liam and Niall walked in probably looking for a snack. “Oh hey Y/N!” Liam said, “Hey Liam! Hey Ni!” I responded. “Where’s Harry?” I asked Niall. “Oh he and Louis went to some shopping mall out of town to get some new jumpers” he told me. “Oh okay! Do you guys mind if I just hang out with you till they get back?” I questioned. “Of course not love! We were just about to make dinner, care to join?” Liam asked. “Sure, let’s make homemade pizza!” I replied. Just then Zayn rushed in, “Did I hear something about pizza?” he inquired. Liam, Niall and I busted out into laughter, “Come help us make them and you can have some pretty boy” Niall said to Zayn.

2 hours later and after a lot of mess and pizza, the boys and I finished eating and sat down in the living room. “Boy, Louis and Harry are taking forever!” Zayn announced. “Yah they should have been back ages ago!” Niall agreed. “They probably went to like 20 more stores than they planned” I laughed. We went back to watching the telly, when the phone started ringing. “I’ll get it!” Liam said, jumping up from the couch. “Hello? Yes… What?! When did this happen… Are they okay? Where? Yes, we’ll head over right away!” and Liam hung up the phone. “What happened and where are we going mate?” Niall asked Liam. “Those were the police and they said Louis and Harry were driving back from the mall and some guy had a heart attack and hit them! They’re at the hospital right now!” he said fearfully. “Oh my god! Are they okay? Are they seriously hurt?” I asked panicking. “The police didn’t say, the ambulance took them to the hospital though” he replied. “Let’s go see what happened” Zayn interjected.

Soon we were on our way to the hospital. All I could think about was poor Harry and Louis, I was trying really hard not to cry but Niall could tell I was upset; so he pulled me into him and I cried softly into his shoulder until we got to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital 15min after we left, and I was glad Zayn wasn’t afraid to drive fast. We went to the front desk and the little nurse brought us to the waiting room. After 30min of waiting Louis came out to greet us. “Hey guys” he said. “Louis you’re okay!” I exclaimed pulling him into a hug! “Where’s Harry?” Liam asked, oh my god! Harry! “Is he hurt?!” I asked, tears forming in my eyes. “No, no! He’s alright Y/N! He just bumped his head so they’re running a few test to make sure there’s no damage, he’ll be out in 30min as long everything goes well!” he explained. I sighed of relief. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if Harry was seriously injured.

We waited 30 and Harry finally walked out the door with a little brunette nurse right beside him. He had his usual goofy smile on, although he looked a little pale. “Hazz” I ran over to him, pulling him into a long embrace, never wanting to let go. “Y/N, guys! How’s it going?” he asked us. “Well to be honest not to bad considering two of our best friends got in a car crash and could have died” Niall laughed. “I was so worried about you Hazz!” I admitted; he kissed me on the cheek. “Well Louis and I are fine, just a little scratched up. Let’s go home” he said but he was cut off by the little nurse. She was petite, she had long hair, big boobs, lots of makeup and a sickening smile; she looked at Harry “Sweetie, don’t forget these pain killers, we wouldn’t your wittle head to hurt anymore!” she handed him the bottle. “Thanks” he replied. “Anytime cutie, see yah round” she said winking at him, walking away; swaying her hips more than natural. At this point I was livid, I hated when girls flirted with Harry, especially when I was right there; it made me feel insecure. Soon we were leaving the hospital and made our way home.

The whole ride home I thought about how pretty that nurse was and how I could never have her body, it made me sick to my stomach. I know Harry loves me, but it’s hard to love myself. Harry and I barely talked in the car and when we got home, I was almost in tears. As we walked in the door I ran up the stairs to Harry’s room and into his bathroom. I shut the door and started quietly weeping. Soon I heard Harry’s voice calling “Y/N? Where’d you go?” I instantly remembered how shitty Harry must be feeling and that I didn’t need to make it worse by being jealous or sad. So I decided tonight I was going to make him feel better, show him the he’s mine and no other girl can have him. And with that I tied my hair up and stripped down to my bra and panties. I was glad I put on matching ones earlier, and they were Harry’s favourite. “I’m in here Harry. I’ll be out in second!” I yelled to him. I took a last look in the mirror and opened the door.

When I looked into the bedroom Harry was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the other way looking at his phone. I wanted to make tonight interesting, but first I needed his full attention and I knew just how to get it. I crawled on the bed behind him and rested my head on his shoulder and started kissing and sucking on his neck. “Y/N I’m not really in the mood tonight, can we just…” he finally turned around and looked at me. “Wow, you look fucking hot” he said breathlessly. “Mhm, just for you baby” I whispered in his ear. I climbed off the bed and walked around so I could face him, I grabbed his phone and threw it somewhere in the room. I straddled Harry’s lap and planted kisses all along his jaw. Harry normally liked to run things, but tonight it was my turn. “Y/N you’re making me so hard” he moaned into my ear. “I can take care of that” I winked at him. Soon I had his pants and boxers on the floor. “Sit back and enjoy Hazz, rest your ‘wittle’ head now” I smirked up at him. I took his length in my hand and started pumping; I licked his tip causing him to gasp slightly. I giggled and then took all of him inside my mouth; I hallowed my cheeks and sucked, knowing how much he loved that. I started bobbing my head back and forth along his length and a list of profanities and moans left his mouth. He started to rock his hips towards my face trying to get as deep as possible. He was so huge I started gagging but I didn’t care. “Y/N you’re so good at this, oh my god. I’m going to cum” he said just as he climaxed into my mouth. I swallowed all of it and licked him clean.

“Mmm thank you love, now let me help you out” I said sensually. “No way Hazz, tonight’s all about you. Now go lie down!” I replied. He didn’t disagree, he lay down on the bed and I started to strip down. I took my bra and panties off slowly knowing how turned on it made him. “Hurry up baby, I’m hard again” he complained. I looked at him and then I crawled up his body letting my heat brush up against his member. He moaned in response. “I’m going to ride you so hard Hazz” I whispered into his ear and before he could reply I slammed down on him. We both groaned and I started bouncing up and down, he brought his hips up to meet mine. “God Y/N, you’re so tight. You feel brilliant” he moaned. “I know. I bet my pussy is way tighter than that slutty nurse huh? I bet she could never fuck you as good as I can” I said. “No, no one could ever fuck me as good as you can Y/N” Harry replied. “I love you so much Y/N” “I love you too Hazz” said. “I’m close Y/N!” Harry exclaimed. “Me too!” and with that I clenched my walls and released all over Harry, and he came not along after.

I lifted myself off Harry and whimpered at the loss of contact. I lied down beside him and snuggle into him. “Y/N?” Harry whispered. “Hmm?” “What was the all about?” Harry asked. “What do you mean?” I questioned. “Well you’re not normally that bold when it comes to sex, not that our sex isn’t great! But it just seemed different” he answered. “Well you’ve had a long night and I wanted make you feel better, so did I?” I asked. “Yah you did” he smiled at me. I had almost drifted off to sleep when Harry said “Y/N, did you do this because you were jealous of that nurse?” Shit. “Maybe… I guess. I was a little mad she was flirting with you and I got upset, but I knew you’d get upset if I was upset and you were already having a bad day and I didn’t want to make it worse so, I just wanted to make sure you knew you were mine and I’m sorry” I replied. “Don’t apologize Y/N! That was one of the best fucks we’ve ever had! You ought to get jealous more often!” he laughed. “We’ll see” I giggled. “Y/N thank you for everything tonight, I love you so much and I’m so glad you’re mine” Harry said whilst yawning. “I love you too Hazz, sleep well.” I replied. Soon Harry drifted off and I was wrapped up in his arms thinking ‘He is mine and I am his’.

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That Note

Dull. If I had to describe college in one word this is the word that I would always use, because honestly nothing happens here… ever. Today has been a very ‘blah’ day, that’s the only word coming to mind at this point for four reasons, and they are: 1. Every teacher has decided that it’s national pop quiz day, 2. I have phys ed right after lunch, 3. My best friend has a new boy friend and she’s in that ‘ditch everyone’ stage, and last, but definitely not least, 4. Harry Styles.

I don’t think you understand who Harry Styles is… he isn’t a jock, but he isn’t a loser either, he’s just that guy that everyone likes simply because he’s likeable, and honestly, I’ve likes him since my first year of prep. We hang out sometimes, but more often recently, he’s been flirting like crazy and he’s even called a couple times and he’s suddenly stopped. That’s why he’s four on my list, because he confuses the living daylights out of me. Who does that… shoots me a wink in class but doesn’t talk to me, then asks to hang out over the weekend, then avoids me for an entire week… I’m just trying to figure him out all while he’s sitting exactly two rows and a seat to the left of me in the most obnoxious sex ed class on the planet. The immature ones are giggling like little girls at the mention on the word “vagina” and the puritans go all red when the teacher mentions a dick… my hands were holding up my face as I stared at the stupid power point about how menstrual cycles work. Male teachers should not be aloud to teach about this, I can tell every one first hand how those work, and just how fucking obnoxious they are for most girls… I oughta’ get up there and-

A crumbled up piece of paper has just derailed my intese train of thought. I looked back to see who it could have been but the only thing I saw were Harry’s anxious eyes, his bottom lip tucked tightly between his teeth as he signaled me to read the paper with his eyes. I looked down to it and then back to him and he nodded. I shrugged and turned forward quietly uncrumbling the note.

“You look really hot today:)” I rolled my eyes because I’m wearing the same exact uniform as everyone else. I scribbled my own cheeky note onto the piece of paper before slickly tossing it back to him. He smiled from his desk and put the note in his lap as he pulled open the piece of paper.


I smiled as I pulled the note under my desk to read her response. In all honesty she looked a thousand times better than everyone else and I had been thinking the most inappropriate things about her since we started hanging out recently. But the one thing I loved about her is that she was just as, if not more cheeky than me.

“Really? Damn, then you should see what I’m wearing underneath this itchy uniform;)”

I bit my lip as I looked over to her, the smug smirk that tugged at her lips had me slowly growing hard, which by the way is incredibly difficult to hide in these stupid slacks. She shifted in her seat and her legs crossed. She was now looking back at the power point about menstruation or something like that, but I noticed the way her thighs would squeeze together every so often and the only thing that kept running through my mind was that she wanted the same thing I wanted, and also how wet she must be for me. I had to close my eyes in order to control what was going on in my own lower region. I want her bad… I know I’ve been confusing the sit out of her but that’s only because I’m just as jumbled up in my own head because I’ve never felt anything like what she makes me feel, and I love it. I picked up a new piece of paper and scribbled a daring but very serious message to Y/N.


I needed some pressure because I felt like I was going to explode… honestly I could feel myself soaking through my panties at the thought of the things he could do to me. Harry’s so fucking sexy and good at flirting… he probably meant nothing by the thinghe told me but I had to take it a step further because I know he likes it when I play along. Another landed on my desk and I smiled as I smoothed out the sheet of paper and I honestly could not believe my eyes to what was scribbled in his bearly immacualte hand writing.

“Do you wanna fuck?:)”

I swear my head was swimming with unholy thoughts… my mother would drag me to confession if she lived in my head and I couldn’t help but think, “Yes, let’s get it on!”. I felt my face grow hot and a huge swarm of butterflies soar through my guts. Oh my god… I looked up from my desk and then back at Harry who had the most amusing smirk on his lips and I nodded as my lip was teken between my teeth. His smiled grew wider and his eyes looked up to the clock above the chalk board and mine did too, we had another hour of this obnoxious class. I need him now though. My eyes met him and I mouthed something to him.

“Locker room?” his eyebrows raised.

“Now?” he mouher to me eyebrows furrowed in confusion and I grinned as I raised my hand.

“Yes, miss Y/L/N?” said my teacher stopping his lecture. I stood up and walked over to him and made up some bullshit story of the lunch from the cafeteria not settling well with my stomach and he insisted I take my time and I planned on it. I headed to the class room door and looked back at Harry, his eyes wide before I shut it tight behind me. I hurried over to the men’s locker room and stepped inside waiting behind the shower wall. No one ever came in here except during PE hours, and plus our sex ed teacher is the PE teacher so we’re safe. After a few minutes I heard the door creak open and then footsteps approached me.

“Y/N?” I heard Harry whisper and I smiled before walking out from behind the showers and when hi eyes met mine he shook his head. “Are you mental?” he asked half chuckling.

“No, just horny.” I said before smashing my lips into his. He was quick and eager to kiss back. His teeth roughly taking my bottom lip in between them.

I grabbed his hands and moved them to my bum where he immediately kneaded at it and squeezed it with his large masculine hands. I let my hands wrap around his neck and tug at the small curls at the nape of his neck. His hands slipped down to my thighs as he broke off the kiss.

“Jump.” he said looking into my eyes and I obliged. We walked back to the showers and he pressed me against the wall as he kissed down my neck; then back up as he sucked on my collar bone, probably forming a bruise hich I honestly didn’t mind.

“Harry, please do something.” I moaned and he kissed my lips quickly.

“What do you want baby?” he asked me and I smirked.

“Finger fuck me.” I siad and he nearly groaned at my choice of words.

Soon enough I was kicking my panties off of my legs and Harry’s index and middle finger were circling my clit.

“Damn Y/N, you’re so wet.” he exhaled and I smiled through the pleasure.

“Faster.” I moaned and he rubbed faster as the knot started forming in my stomach, my pussy throbbing and aching for release and my legs tightening around his body. “Oh god!” I moaned and he chuckled as he shushed me. “I can’t help it, you’re so good.” I said as I felt my high sneaking up on me. Once my ody decided that it had built up enough pressure I let myself go. “Mmmmm, fuck Harry…” I moaned as quietly as I could as the feeling took me out, his fingers slowing down on my clit. He didn’t ven let me catch my breath before two of his fingers pushed themselves inside of me. He started out teasingly slow, making me feel him push his digits in knuckle deep.

“Shit…I can imagine how tight you’re going to feel around my dick.” he groaned almost as if he was feeling the same amount of pleasure I was feeling. He pushed in deeper making me squeal. “ Is that it baby? Is that the spot that’s going to have you moaning my name?” he asked in my ear and I nodded.

“Yeah Harry, right there.” I moaned, my finger nails now digging into his back.

“Are you going to cum for me?” he asked me and I nodded as I bit my lip trying to keep the noise down. And once again I was wiped out by an incredible amount of pleasure making me bite on Harry’s shoulder in order not to scream. “Fuck, you’re so sexy.” he said as he put me down on my wobbly legs. “Take it off.” he said signalling to my skirt and I slipped it off, watching as he pulled off his shirt. His toned body coming into view and I grinned.

“Ooh, whatta hottie!” I said making him half laugh as he rolled his eyes. I also slipped off my shirt and he undid his pants and soon let his erection spring out and my jaw dropped. “What the actual fuck? How am I supposed to function after this? I’m not going to be able to fucking walk!” I whisper-yelled and a smug smirk made its way onto his plump lips.

“That’s the idea.” he said, expression still smug. As much as I was terrified, I was also pleased because honestly I couldn’t take some teenager dick right now; I needed a man and clearly Harry’s got that part covered. I smirked as he kicked his pants off of his legs but then bent down to grab his wallet and he handed it out to me. “You do it.” he said and I nodded taking his wallet and grabbing the condom sitting in the back of it. I tore it open and pulled it out before sliding it down his long hard length.

Once I was done I looked back up at Harry and he leaned down kissing me slow and passionate, a lot different from where we started out, and I didn’t want it to stop, it was so overwhelming and captivating. My hands flew up and tugged at his not so perfectly styled curls, he groaned as I tugged a bit harshly and then sucked his bottom lip in between my teeth. His hands came down to my bum.

“Jump.” he mumbled against my lips and I obliged. Once again I was in his arms but this time the freezing wall was pressed against my back making me gasp. “Are you alright?” he asked me quietly as he pushed my hair back off of my forehead and I nodded and smiled when his lips sloppily landed on my cheek. “I don’t think you understand how fucking gorgeous you are.” he whispered and I felt my cheeks tinge pink.

“I’m not that incredible… there are plenty of pretty girls out there.” I said as I balanced myself with my hands on his shoulders.

“Exactly, plenty of pretty girls but only a few gorgeous ones.” he said smiling and I turned my head down looking in between us. “Hey, look at me Y/N/” he nearly whispered and I couldn’t help it, I looked up into his jade orbs. The patterns inside of the green colored irises were so amusing and beautiful. Just his face was angelic in general, and his demeanor was friendly and warm and inviting, and I was thankful that I was here with him in this smelly locker room, instead of suffering in sex ed for another minute. “What are you staring at?” he asked me and I smiled.

“You.” I answered honestly and brought my lips to his in a quick kiss, “You know we need to hurry…” I siad and he nodded before pressing his forehead to mine.

“Yeah I know but… I just wished this wasn’t so rushed, you know. I would have liked to do it the right way.” he said to me and I nodded.

“I know what you mean… but I think what matters is that we both want to be here and that we care for each other.” I smiled as I offered him different reasoning.

“You’r right.” he smiled before kissing me once more. “Ready?” he asked me and I nodded nervously. Slowly he released some of his grip on me and I moaned the instant I felt him entering me. He’s huge! I bit m lip to contain the slight sting of pain that came from the new found depth. “Are you alright?” he asked right away and I nodded silently.

“Just give me a second… you’re a lot bigger than my first.”

“Okay, of course, take your time.” he whispered as he held us up. My walls involuntarily clenching as they tried to adjust to a new size. I could see it in his face, it was getting him going, buit honestly I don’t mind, he looked incredibly sexy biting down on his lip. “So, what’d you tell Coach to get out of class?”

“Honestly… its kind of embarrassing.”

“Did you tell him you got your periond?” he asked me and I shook my head.

“Worse…” I said giggling as I rested my head on Harry’s shoulder.

“Tell me.” he urged and I squeezed my eyes shut before answering.
“I practically told him that the cafeteria lunch gave me diarrhea… he told me to take all the time I needed.” I said and Harry laughed out loud. The loud obnoxious one that had people’s heads turning, making me laugh as well. “Well I think I’m ready now.” I said more quietly and his eyes lit up.

“Alright, I swear I’m going to go slow, okay?” I nodded before he pulled out a bit and then pushed back in. His breathing already shaky and shallow. “How does it feel?” he asked me.

“Amazing, please don’t stop.” I said as a slight moan slipped out of my mouth. He filled everythign perfectly and hit all of the right spots. I groaned as he pushed in deeper than before making my nails dig into his shoulders.

“You feel so good around me, Y/N.” he whispered. “Oh god.” he groaned as he picked up the pace just a bit, but I think I needed more from him because honestly this was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

“Harry.” I moaned.


“Faster.” I whimpered.

“You’re sure?” he asked and I nodded.

“Fuck yeah I’m sure!” I moaned louder and he went significantly faster making me hiss.

“Oh my god!” I moaned loudly and one of his hands flew over my mouth.

“Shhh, baby, shhh.” he said half chuckling.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered making him smile.

He picked up the pace again but went deeper this time making my head fall back and my mouth fall slightly open. I felt his fingers digging deeper into my hips and my nails pressing way to hard on his shoulders. I felt myself clench around him as he went even deeper then before making my toes curl.

“Fuck Harry.”

“Are you close?” he asked me.

“Almost.” I whispered as I made it my mission to kiss down his neck. His throat vibrating with his low grunts and groans. He pushed even deeper and I moaned a lot louder than I ever anticipated.

“Found it.” he mumbled and I chuckled as he pulled out, and my eyes shut tight as he pushed himself back in and hitting that spot dead on. My back arched as he hit more repeated ly and faster and an inevitable warmth started taking over my body, making my legs tighten around him.

“Ughh! Right there Harry!” I moaned and he didn’t stop me.

“I’m so close, baby.” he said and I nodded that I was too.

“Just do whatever you have to do, I’m fine I swear.” I said looking into his eyes and he nodded before thrusting harder and deeper making my nails rake down his back. “Fuck Harry!”

“You feel so good, Y/N, so tight!” he groaned and moaned as I reacted perfectly to him. “Oh fuck…” he sighed tiredly and I decided to help him out. I rested my hands on his shoulders and rotated my hips on him making the most deep and manly groan leave his lips. “Fuck… I’m going to cum.” he mumbled.

“Me too, fuck!” I moaned loudly and he found his strength again thrusting into my at full force.

“Rub your clit baby, it’ll feel better.” he said and I didn’t even hesitate to believe him. My hand just came between us as I rubbed myself closer to my high. I moaned at the sight of him. Eyebrows furrowed together in concentration, hips snapping, arms flexed and veiny on either side of me, and his eyes focused on the spot where we both met. “Fuck.” he said throwing his head back suddenly. My stomach grew hot and a tingle spread through my entire body, and the burning in the pit of my stomach only grew larger. “I’m about to cum.” he groaned and I clenched around him and he moaned pushing me closer to my edge and then I felt it. That on spark ignited the rest of my body.

“Fuck, Harry!” I maone loudly as my eyes closed.

“Look at me, please baby.” he pleaded and I looked into his eyes as both of our climaxes were reached. His eyes only focused on mine and mine solely focused on him and right before the wave of pleasure and magic fizzled out he thrust hard into me extending the feeling and making it last for what seemed to be hours. He pressed our lips together as my high was delayed and heightenened. My loud moans were semi-muted by his lips and until I felt absoultely nothing I let my head fall on his shoulder.

“You don’t know what you’ve done, do you?” he asked me and I shook my head a bit confused. I looked down and saw my lower stomach with small droplets, and the same fluid racing down his v-lines.

“Did you really make me…?” I asked sort of embarrassed. “I’m sorry, usually I can control that, or hold it back…”

“Hey, it’s fine! More than fine actually, it’s quite sexy but… either way, that was amazing.” he said kissing my cheek. “Hold on.” he said and I nodded as he pulled out of me and walked off. He was back in a few seconds with some tiolet paper so that he could clean us both off. He pulled off the condom and then wrapped it in toilet paper before walking back and tossing it inhte bin. We both got dressed in silence and it didn’t feel weird, it was okay. Once I was done adjusting my skirt he looked down at me smiling.

“What?” I asked him.

“Nothing.” he said as he leaned into my once more, our lips attaching in sweet and slow kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist and when he pulled away his forhead rested on mine. “How are you so incredible?” he asked making me blush. “Can we go out tonight?” he finally said and I nodded.

“Cool, I’ll pick you up at 6?” he asked me as he finished buttoning up his shirt.

“Wait, how do you know where I live?” I asked.

“My house is the housr behind yours, so all thise times you’ve looked out of the window after you shower… I’ve seen them all.” he confessed and we both laughed, “But infortunately you’re always wrapped in some form of bloody cloth so this is my first time seeing you legitly undressed.” he confessed and I laughed.

“I believe you.” I said smiling up at him. I loved the way he looked at me with so much care and depth, I loved it. “Well, you should get back. I’ll be back in a few.” I said and he nodded as he started walking off. “Wait!” I said following behind him. “Your hair is a bloody bird nest.” I laughed and he pouted, “Come here.” I said combing through his hair, arranging it to it’s previous state. “Much better.” I said and he smiled before kissing my forehead before walking off. I can’t believe this has actually happened. I looked into the mirror fixing my self a bit more before walking back into class.


Harry and I had a great evening at dinner and he picked me up for school this morning, our fingers are still interlocked and our smiles have brightly invaded our faces, not that I’m complaining, though. As we walked over to our lockers Harry stopped.

“Mr. Styles, Miss Y/L/N.” said our headmaster stopping us.

“Good morning!” chirped Harry, her serious face erased the smiles off of our faces.

“I think you both would be interested in hearing that cameras were installed in all of the rooms of this school.” I instantly froze, “Clever of you to sneak off behind the shower walls, but we still saw a lot more than we probably would have ever liked to see from you, Mr. Styles.” I looked up at him, his cheeks flaming red. “Both of you, office now!”


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Quick footsteps made their way down the stairs and the sight in front of me was breathtaking. 

”You look wonderful.” She was dressed in a simple black dress with a cut out in the back and a little in the front, just how I like it.  

”You don’t look so bad yourself, Styles,” she smirked at me and walked towards the kitchen.

”Want something? The ride is about twenty minutes, don’t want to get dehydrated.” I took a bottle of water from the fridge and gulped down half of the content. She shook her head. 

”I see, she doesn’t want to mess up her lipstick,” I remarked, a smirk taking over my features. 

”A lady’s gotta’ do what a lady’s gotta’ do.” 

”So, what made you want to take up my offer on going on a date?” My hands made their way around her waist and pulled her closer.

”Oh no, Styles, don’t play that game before we even get to the club.” She removed my hands from her waist but grazed her fingers across my jaw. 

”Later, yeah?” My gaze was focused on her red painted lips, imagining them wrapped around my cock and didn’t pay any attention to what she said. She chuckled. 

”Don’t zone out, the cab is here.” Swiftly turning around, she made her way to the front door, me stumbling behind.

I had hired a cab to take us to Fabric and hopefully, taking us back home together. 

She climbed in the backseat and smoothed out her dress as I took the opportunity to talk to the driver. 

”Hello, Sir, would you mind rolling up the partition?” He shook his head and rolled up the tinted glass that was now separating us from him.   

I turned around and saw her arching a brow. 

”What was that for?” She lightly chuckled.

”Nothing. But the ride is quite long, so incase we’d get bore-” She cut me off.

”Are you suggesting sex in the backseat of a cab?” She chuckled, but I could see how she tensed. I leaned towards her and grazed my teeth on her earlobe, successfully making her shudder.


It wasn’t long until I felt her hand on my thigh, signaling she wanted what I’d offered at home. 

I leaned over to her, pressing my nose to her cheek.  

”So now you want it?” I chuckled and I could feel her shiver due to my close presence. 

”Mhm,” she dragged out the word and turned to me, our noses touching. I inhaled her scent, the usual Elizabeth Arden perfume, Red Door; the one I bought her. She took a deep breath when my hand traveled up her thigh, rubbing small circles. In one swift motion I picked up her right leg and placed it over mine, so she was straddling me. 

”What do you have in mind, Styles?” She dragged her finger down my chest , barely touching me. 

”I was thinking about fucking you from down here,” I placed my hands on both of her thighs and pushed the silky fabric up, her lace panties coming to sight, making me groan. 

”But we wouldn’t want our dear driver to hear, or even worse, see us?” She leaned in, her tongue grazing my lower lip. teasing me. 

”He won’t,” I mumbled and pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue slipped in when I groaned because of the pressure she was putting on my lower region, circling her hips. 

”Fuck, baby.” My head was thrown back and I could feel her lips on my neck. A small moan left her lips as she kept rotating her hips. The wetness from her pussy was slowly dampening my jeans and I slipped my hand down, teasing her from the outside of her panties.  

”Do something, Harry.” She was getting extremely frustrated and I was loving it. I slipped my hand into her panties and my fingers immediately came in contact with her clit. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, making me clamp my hand over her mouth, but she didn’t mind. I slipped in two fingers and the warmth of her dripping core embraced them immediately, making me grow harder. I pumped them in and out in a fast pace while she was panting and moaning into my hand. 

”Fuck, this is hot,” I groaned and pulled out my fingers, earning a frustrated sigh from her. I put them in my mouth, loving the sweet taste. She just looked at me, mouth slightly open and  panting. But she quickly gathered herself. 

”Oh, come on! I was close!” She pouted and leaned in. I molded my lips to hers as she unzipped my pants, pulling them down a little. The driver probably knew what we were doing and turned up the volume of the music, making it impossible for him to hear. I pulled my jeans and boxers down to my ankles and placed her back on my lap. 

”Are you going to be a good girl and ride me, huh?” I whispered and nibbled at her bottom lip. 

She nodded and slid down on my length, her walls feeling perfectly tight around my cock.

”Oh. fuck, Harry. You fill me up so good,” she groaned into my ear, knowing how much I loved her dirty talk. I groaned in response and snapped my hips upwards to meet hers. 

”Fuck baby, talk to me.” She cooed into my ear as she slid up and down, eyes glued to mine. 

”Fuck, when we get there, I don’t give a damn about who hears us, but I’m going to fuck you nice and hard, d’you like that, baby?” I stroked her back as she slowly ground her hips to mine, moaning in pure ecstasy.

”Yes, Harry,” She whispered and started to go a little faster. She let out a loud groan, letting me know I hit the perfect place. 

”Yes, come for me baby, come on,” I started to rock my hips in the same rhythm as her, trying to reach my peak. My head was thrown back, my hands holding her down as I came with a shout. She kept grinding as my fingers came in contact with her clit again and I started to rub fast circles. 

”Oh, Harry, Fuck! I’m so close, baby!” She moaned and closed her eyes shut. A thin layer of sweat was covering her glowing body. Her head was thrown back with her mouth slightly open, moaning profanities together with my name. She looked so beautiful, like an angel, on top of me. I kissed down her stomach, arms and neck as she came down from her high. 

”That was amazing,” She breathed and climbed off me, wincing a little. I smiled at her. ”I know.” She leaned in and kissed me, this time less hungrily and more lovingly, something I never thought I’d get out of her. 

”You know, Styles. You aren’t that bad.” She smirked. I chuckled as I put on the last piece of clothing and scooted closer to  her, draping my arm over her shoulders. 

”What a luck, we made it just in time.” The cab stopped in front of the club, but she pulled my hand, stopping me from exiting the car. I looked at her, confused. 

”Let’s go back home, yeah?”  

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1/2 A Heart



“I haven’t been doing much better,” I say to my mate, pulling a frown on his face. “It’ll blow over, I promise, Harry.  She won’t ignore you forever, you know her” He promises.  I just sigh and pop another chocolate covered strawberry in my mouth, as he shakes his head, and goes on the dance floor with his date. I thought going to this masquerade would help pull those three little words from out of my mouth, and help me win back my best friend. Ever since I dated my ex-girlfriend Kendall, (y/n) has been ignoring me, and I know she wasn’t the biggest fan of the relationship, but couldn’t she be happy for me? Isn’t that fair? But she had a point, it did end quickly, because of that big reason. I became a jerk. A completeidiot, I mean I am naturally, but that rude kind of idiot, that always finds a way to accidently hurt her feelings. I feel like such a fucker for it. But god damn, I am in love with her. That’s why I dated Kendall in the first place. To make her jealous (mistake:1) I put all my time and energy and loveinto Kendall that I never minded to spending time with (y/n) anymore.  I sigh, and pick up another strawberry, and my muscles stop as my eyes get stuck on the most beautiful light, with their hands on the railing at the entrance of the hall. My eyes almost pop out of my dark blue mask, as I realize it’s her. It’s her at the centre of the two staircases. It’s her, who has engraved her name onto my heart. I make my way over to her- I haven’t seen her for more than two minutes and she already has my hands sweating like crazy, my heart beating like mad. I was only half a heart without her.


I look over at him approaching and my blush whaps me in the face. I take a big exhale, and grab a random cupcake on the snack stand near me and stuff it in my mouth. I cough a little bit, fisting my chest, continually beating softly. A cold hand is unannouncingly  (it’s not a word, I don’t think) placed on my back, and my back goes straight and shivers a bit. “So sorry to scare you,” A deep voice flows with a legs on the railing facing him. Who is he? With a mask he seems so unrecognizable. “You seriously don’t know who I am?” He says, his voice going deep as density can uphold.  “a-am I s-s-suppOSed to?” I giggle squint my eyes, backing a way a step, as my foots gets caught in the poles of the railing. God, I’m such a dork, I mean, here this amazing guy is before me and I get my foot caught in a fucking railing. That is such a funny word rail-ing. They see me railing, they hatin’. I burst out laughing, and cough a little. He’s just staring at me, wondering what he said. At least he’s still here… I move my foot up and twist it, and cadapult, when he catches me. I mean is somebody fucking video-taping this? I open my eyes, to his green ones. My (y/e/c/) eyes  drowning with his gorgeous, bright green eyes. He tightens his grip even more, and his head dips down, and his moist lips melt into mine.  My life just flashed before my eyes. My heart just burst into a billion more smiles. I put my hands on his neck, my hand playing with the hair at the back of his head, as I feel a curl. No. Fuck, no.  How am I so stupid?! But so smart at the same time.  I stand up, and rip off his mask, my body sulks. “Why?” I whisper to myself. “Because I love you” He says back. “I-I’m sorry Harry- I” Without another stupid little word I have to shut in my mouth, I start running down the steps.  He grabs my wrist, and pulls me toward him. It starts raining, why does my life have to be so dramatic? I sniffle. He puts his hand on my cheek. “Because I’m in love with you god damn it.  I have half an arrow in my chest-I’m half a man because you won’t talk to me, and it’s killing both of us. You know it. I’m the one in fault, actually, and fuck-I’m so sorry.  Forget that night I ignored you completely, it doesn’t matter anymore, it split both of us in two. If you could spare an hour or so, we could really talk it through.” He says stepping closer, taking my waist around his arm, our face 2 inches-2.4 inches maybe- away from each other.  “I miss everything we used to do” He chokes. “I try to get you out of my head, but the truth is I got lost without you.  I want to wake up to a full blue sky right next to an asleep you.  Hair sprawled out in the big cloudy and soft, fluffy sheets, bodies intertwined-“ I hush him. “Then what are we waiting for?” I whisper.

The End

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People think I don’t notice or remember individual fans at our shows, but I do. The fact that my cock was swollen and itching for friction in the confines of my tighter-than-hell jeans as I rushed to the back of the bus was solid proof of that. I closed the curtain to my bunk and hurriedly rid myself of my clothes, sighing in relief as my length slapped full and erect against my taut stomach.

I spat onto my palm out of habit, even though tonight more than enough pre-cum oozed warm and fast onto my sweat-soaked skin. Her face was plastered in my mind and on the walls around me, choking off the passing worry that the boys would be around any minute. She knew she was hot shit in her prime second row seat, confidence showing in her knowing smile when she caught me lingering on her accentuated breasts for one moment too long.

The nerves in my shaft went haywire when I gripped my length firmly and slid slowly up to the tip, causing even more pre-cum to dribble steadily onto my fist. I couldn’t help but groan when a shudder shook my bones, drunk on the thought of her wet mouth and smooth tongue desperate to taste my slick. To taste what she, and she alone, is doing to me with her hazy eyes peering up at me innocently while her lips are sealed devilishly around my cock.

I arched my back off of the thin sheet as I remembered how her arms danced above her head with the lights shimmering off the place where her throat kissed her bare shoulder, her hips swaying and twisting to my song. Then this siren, this unholy angel is riding my cock while she sucks welts into my flesh and fuck, I try and tell her to move faster, baby, faster please but her teeth are claiming my skin and I can scarcely stop my lungs from collapsing.

The hand quickly stroking my prick as I felt my blood growing hot wasn’t my own, but her perfect pussy circling my length as she uses me as a tool for her own pleasure. Her lips whisper against mine as she comes hard and with a whimper, her ecstasy spilling onto my waiting tongue and washing through my veins as I take control.

The curtain twists in my free hand when I thrust roughly into my palm, sweat breaking out on my brow and chest constricting as my fantasy spins out of control.

Minutes pass and she’s still trembling in my arms, my mouth soothing her incoherent cries as I lean her back and kneel before putting her legs over my shoulders and rocking into her rhythmically. And I swear to her that I’m not going to stop, that there’s no way I could stop with her thrashing and cracking beneath me.

I felt the lava in my stomach racing towards my core as my hand threatened to unleash the tidal wave of pleasure I craved, the veins in my neck straining at my need to hold out for just a bit longer. She doesn’t think she can take it any more as her fists press weakly into my collar bones, her calves locked around my neck.

"I know you can", I pant as I thumb over her sensitive clit, her moans of painful pleasure driving me deeper and deeper. "I know you can come for me, just one more time."

She’s trying to tell me to move faster, baby, faster please but can’t get the words out and I beg her to come, come for daddy and she just screams until she can’t scream anymore.

Then the rush hit me all at once and I buried my head in my arm to prevent my throat from exploding as cum spurted across my abdomen and fire crackled and radiated outward, scorching everything surrounding me. My hips jerked pathetically as I emptied myself completely with long strokes, hissing through my teeth as the last streams of cum shot feebly onto my weakened, inked chest.

I felt contently dead to the world as I attempted to bring myself down, thinking about the girl who would never know that she left me torn apart and barren like this. The girl who would never see how she made me come undone in a heap of exhausted limbs, all sparked by that smile and that body lighting her up amidst a sea of thousands just like her and yet nothing like her.

So yes, I see the fans in the crowd with their barely-clothed curves dying to be slammed up against a wall with my prick pressed between their thighs. I see the fans changing the lyrics to "Rock Me", their eyes pleading for me to bend them over my bed and promise them how I’m going to fuck them and make them come all over my cock until they can’t remember who they were before they met me.

Who knows, perhaps the next time I’m leaving bruises on my arm as I try and stifle the moans that could splinter the windows in our bus, I’ll be thinking of you.

See you on tour,
H. xx


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